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Tour in Malaga eco in a 100% electric car.

As you may already know, the Electric Car Tour team’s goal is to promote sustainable tourism and care for the environment with our Eco City Tours in Malaga. Last March, our family took part in one of the tree planting activities promoted by Málaga Viva to offset the carbon footprint of our Viajer@s. And also to teach children that caring for our planet is very important in our daily lives.

Las Arboladas de Málaga Viva are an initiative promoted by the Diputación de Málaga with the aim of fighting against climate change through reforestation and environmental awareness. This project is part of the program “Málaga Viva”, which seeks to raise awareness and act on the importance of environmental conservation in the province of Malaga.(

inicio reforestación málaga viva

Reduce the Carbon Footprint of your trip.

Objectives of the Arboladas Málaga Viva:
Reforestation: Tree planting in various areas of the province to increase the forest mass, improve air quality and reduce soil erosion.
Awareness: Promote environmental education among citizens, especially among young people, so that they understand the importance of trees and forests.
Citizen Participation: Involve the population in tree planting and care activities, promoting a sense of shared responsibility in environmental conservation.

Main Activities:
Planting Days: Events are organized where volunteers, including families, school children and associations, participate in tree planting.
Talks and Workshops: Educational sessions to inform about the benefits of trees and the need to protect our natural environment.
Collaboration with entities: Joint work with municipalities, schools and non-governmental organizations to maximize the impact of the project.

Expected Impact:
Local Climate Improvement: Increased shade and reduced temperatures in urban areas.
Biodiversity: Creation of habitats for local fauna.
Public Health: Improvement of air quality and citizens’ well-being.
The “Málaga Viva” program not only seeks to mitigate the effects of climate change, but also to create a culture of sustainability and respect for the environment in the community.

reforestación en villa nueva del rosario málaga viva

Responsible and ecological tourism in Malaga

Electric Car Tour is a company certified in environmental quality by the City of Malaga, a procedure that makes us very proud of our work in the city. ( )

Our Eco City Tours in Malaga that we do in 100% electric cars Citroën AMI, are the best alternative to know and discover Malaga in the most sustainable, ecological and fun way. Our most Natural Tour in Malaga is the Tour to the Natural Park Montes de Malaga, in which you will know the city in its most Natural part through the forests and protected areas that offer us the Montes de Malaga. You will also enjoy the local gastronomy of this area in a typical restaurant of the Natural Park, with a wine tasting in a traditional wine cellar and a rich menu of the traditional gastronomy of the area.

certificado de calidad ambiental por ayuntamiento de málaga, tour ecológico

Turismo Costa del Sol Malaga performs different actions so you can calculate the carbon footprint of your trip with this Carbon Footprint Calculator that you can see and use on their website:( in addition to compensate this carbon footprint with different actions promoted by the Diputación de Málaga and make your trip a little more respectful with the environment(

We invite you to take one of our Eco City Tours in Malaga with our Electric Car Tour team. Discover Malaga!

Montes de Málaga Natural Park Gastronomic Tour

arboles málaga viva
actividades arbolada málaga viva
equipo arbolada málaga viva
arboles málaga viva
tour gastronómico parque natural montes de málaga con almuerzo en restaurante típico de la zona.
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