Guided tour of Malaga by electric car

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Ready to go?

Come on a tour of Malaga with an eco-friendly electric vehicle

save your energy to keep on giving it your all in the city

You have to choose between all these options of Malaga Tour in electric car with guide included

Which one goes more with you?

Guided tour by electric car

Cultural Malaga

Gastronomic Malaga

Malaga Premium

On this guided electric car tour of Malaga we take you where other tours don’t go.

Thanks to the autonomy and flexibility that the Twizy and AMI give us we can take you to explore very few known places in the province: the Montes de Málaga, the fishing districts of the city or the Treasures that are hidden in nearby towns such as Rincon de la Victoria.

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And besides, with all these little things

An electric car tour of Malaga always with an official guide

That accompanies you during the tour of Malaga from the guide vehicle to show you the charms of the city accompanied by all kinds of anecdotes, curiosities (and the occasional legend).

Feel the energy of going behind the wheel

Drive a Renault Twizy or Citroën AMI, a safe, revolutionary and open vehicle with a futuristic design. And yes, it is also super easy to handle.

A 100% sustainable tour

Free of CO2 emissions and without noise that allows you to enjoy a unique experience through wonderful enclaves of Malaga.

Anti-Covid cleaning and security

We maintain a strict cleaning protocol before and after each tour. We also keep the inspection schedule for each vehicle up to date.

Guided tour of Malaga by electric car

Renault Twizy & Citroën Ami : when driving is a pleasure

At first glance you will see that the Renault Twizy and the Citroën AMI are electric cars that seem to come from the future.

Young, comfortable models with an unconventional design that gives you just what you are looking for: the freedom to move with to enjoy your guided tour of Malaga by electric car.

They are two-seater, have seat belts on both seats, airbag for the driver, disc brakes and the possibility of installing child seats.

What if it rains? Don’t worry, our Twizy and AMI have windows.

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6 different ways to have fun aboard a Twizy or AMI

We know that it will be difficult to choose

Cultural Malaga

Gastronomic Malaga

Malaga Premium

Book this tour of Malaga by electric car

What do you need to know before booking this guided tour of Malaga by electric car?

Take good note of what's coming

Book as soon as possible on this website:

This way we can guarantee the availability of vehicles for the day and time you want to do the tour of Malaga by electric car. In any case, we usually accept reservations up to 24 hours before departure.

various recommendations

In Malaga we have a radiant sun about 300 days a year that we must enjoy and protect ourselves in equal parts:

  • Come in comfortable seasonal clothing.
  • Bring sunglasses, especially if you are going to drive.
  • For the walking tours , a little sun protection will do you good.

Take a piece of fruit or snack before starting the tour or take it with you for the stops.

traveling with children

According to road safety regulations, small children need child seats to travel.

If you bring your little one to the tour, you must notify us so that we can place the appropriate seat for free.

For safety reasons, babies under 2 years old cannot participate in our tours.

food and drinks

Remember that it is not allowed to eat food or drinks in the vehicles. But don’t worry, at the stops you can take the opportunity to have a snack.

Smoking is also not allowed inside the vehicles.

Road safety regulations

Safety is the most important thing for us, so we ask you not to go off the guided route and to drive calmly and patiently.

At all times you will have a direct line with the guide vehicle, which will wait for you as many times as necessary for you to follow the route safely.

How to get to the meeting point

Here is the exact location of our meeting point in the center of Malaga – City Hall.

(Guillén Sotelo Street, 11. 29016. Málaga).

In case of any doubt you can call us or write by Whatsapp chat to +34 625 130 696 and we will be happy to help you.

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