App Tour Malaga is born to discover the city of Malaga.

Electric Car Tour creates a new App, supported by the Junta of Andalusia

The digital transformation in the world of tourism is increasingly remarkable after the health crisis of 2020, which is why Electric Car Tour is committed to a change to Tourism 3.0 with the creation of a new APP that will be available not only for its travelers, App Malaga Tour will be available to anyone who wants or needs Cultural, Gastronomic and Leisure information of the city of Malaga.
App Málaga Tour is a mobile application available for IOS and Android on their corresponding platforms, and also for free, where you can discover Malaga in the most fun way. You can also book directly the tour of your choice with Electric Car Tour, the most fun and comfortable tour of the city.
The best of this application is the audio-guide that the Electric Car Tour team has created for the electric car tour “Twizy”, where you can listen through your smartphone or tablet all the information that the audio-guide tells us about the points of interest that we visit on the Tour.
This project has been supported by the Junta de Andalucía in the PYMETIC 2020 call, being the delegate of tourism Nuria Rodriguez the first to know and test first hand this magnificent initiative. The delegate of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía, visited the Electric Car Tour team this past Friday, October 5, to meet them and congratulate them for the work done by the team in showing and publicizing the city of Malaga.
From the Electric Car Tour team we want to thank the Delegation of Tourism and its technical team for the help received along the way of this work, and the delegate of tourism Nuria Rodriguez thank you for the visit and the treatment received on their part.
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