Malaga Tours
Electric Car

Visit Malaga on 4 wheels that do not contaminate anything at all

We guide you to get to know the most and least known corners of the city in an electric car 100% free of emissions and noise.

Malaga Tour Electric Car

Visit Malaga on 4 wheels that do not contaminate anything at all

We guide you through the most and least known corners of the city in an electric car 100% free of emissions and noise.

We know Malaga like the palm of our hand

And this Tour in Malaga is the plan that we propose you

Visit Malaga aboard a Twizy or Ami

And drive through its streets to places where other tours do not arrive

With accredited local guide

That from the guide vehicle tells you the most curious stories, legends and anecdotes of the city

Live Malaga!

And vibrate with La Bella in a super fun visit that unites culture and leisure

Without haste and safely

A safe tour to explore the city comfortably and at your own pace

Hop on a Twizy or Ami and save energy to keep enjoying the city. You have to choose, look:

Malaga tours by electric vehicle

Malaga tour 2 hours

Mountains of Malaga Gastronomic Tour

Premium Malaga Tour

Treasure Cave Tour

We take you to discover places in Malaga that very few have visited on a route in an electric vehicle with an official guide included.

Tip: deal directly with us making your reservation on this website

Are you planning to come in a group?

Well read on...

We have a tour service designed for groups of 10 to 40 passengers, especially designed for:


For more details, scroll down below:

Renault Twizy & Citroën Ami : 0 emissions, 1000 emotions

The Renault Twizy and Citroën Ami have everything you need to get around town.

They are very practical two-seater vehicles, easy to drive, very comfortable and with all the safety measures.

And best of all: they are 100% electric , which allows you to visit Malaga without polluting a single bit.



Electric Car Tour does not end here

Look what we’re up to…

In our effort to offer you the best options for leisure, culture and gastronomy in Malaga… You now have our Tour Malaga app available for free, which guides you autonomously around the city.

To teach Malaga with your heart you have to be in love with it

And we are hopelessly

We are Gema and Alejandro, professional anchovies .

The love for our city is what moves us every day to show it with all the love it deserves.

From the heights or at the foot of the beach, we take you to know those little treasures that go beyond the traditional routes.

Also with the opportunity to drive an electric car, with its two advantages: you don’t pollute our city and you save energy to continue living it intensely.


Sometimes we also appear in the media

Do you want to know us better?

Are you arriving in Malaga on a Cruise?

More Services Yet:

We pick you up at the cruise terminal

Discover Malaga directly, without waiting and safely with our team. We pick you up directly at the cruise terminal so that the adventure begins, you just set foot on solid ground when you arrive, it is the most comfortable and fun option to get to know the city.

When you make your reservation, indicate the ship and arrival time to organize the pick-up at the cruise terminal, and that day the team will be waiting for you.


Those who have already come on tour with us say this

Based on 112 reviews
Dahyana Estrada
Dahyana Estrada
Mario and Gemma were amazing, they’re so friendly so knowledgeable and made the day feel so easy. Driving in Malaga was much easier than we thought it would be and the set up they have is perfect. Thank you for a lovely day out
Rebecca Quesada
Rebecca Quesada
This was a wonderful tour! Gema and Alejandro were great! Always calling us and working with us to accommodate us and our schedule! Definitely recommend this your! It was lots of fun to drive around the little cars!🚗🚙
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
Absolutely wonderful tour. I did the tour with my 5 year old daughter and she loved it. The cars are super easy to drive and the tour operators were top notch. Great way to see the highlights of Malaga.
Danielle Riggin
Danielle Riggin
We had a wonderful time exploring the island with the Electric Car Tour. It was a great activity and the guide was knowledgeable and so friendly!
Muy completo y Ameno Gema y su acompañante hicieron todo lo posible
Fergal Madigan
Fergal Madigan
I decided to visit Malaga to see what it is like on the run up to Christmas. Defenitely wanted to do the tour again, following a sensationally amazing experience with one of their Twizies at the start of the year. I was raving about it for weeks afterwards! This time round, it was about trying out one of the new Citroen Ami's that have been put on the run during the summer. Like the Twizy, it has the sci-fi looks outside and inside, except larger and the roof had even greater panoramic viewing. It was even more fun, especially on handling and acceleration (took a bit of getting used to the acceleration at the beginning, as it was more sensitive than on the Twizy). Love the sound of the electric motor whenever I put my foot down - gives me the sci-fi vibes while driving for sure! Gema and Mario did a very comprehensive tour of the city, which included the gardens, the fishing village, the cruise terminal and of course Gibralfaro, with the unbeatable views of the city as well as the sea. As the tour was held on the run up to Christmas, there were views of the Christmas market as well as various poinsettia displays in the gardens and other public spaces, including one particularly impressive installation outside the Ayuntamiento de Malaga. Contrary to popular belief, EV's are actually the present rather than the future, especially since they became mainstream in the last few years. The 'About us' section of their website correctly points this out. As the world moves away from petrol and diesel and towards full electrification, it is increasingly vital that drivers get some form of all electric driving in order to prepare, familiarise themselves with, and take advantage of these changes. And this tour is therefore an ideal starting point for getting this experience. My thanks and respect goes to Gema and Mario for yet another wicked tour! And will be looking forward to checking out the caves the next time! ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD Y BUENO NUEVO ANO!
Abs Samaan
Abs Samaan
In my opinion, this was the best tour of Malaga available. The thrill of driving electric vehicles across the city while the tour guides speak to us through walkie-talkies explaining the history of the city and monuments in great detail! The tour guides and owner were SO helpful in organising it and accommodating us. They were extremely friendly and kind, helping us find parking on arrival and being extremely patient with us. The drive was so fun and enjoyable as you’re able to talk to the rest of the group via the walkie-talkies. Couldn’t rate this any higher. Amazing
Mina Samaan
Mina Samaan
Loved this tour! Great fun driving the electric cars across the scenic sights of Malaga and hosts were fantastic! Very kind and patient (we were a big group). Highly recommend, easily one of the best tours we did in Malaga
danitza avendaño
danitza avendaño
Una experiencia para repetir ! Muy amorosos fueron con toda mi familia, especialmente profesionales , Los recomiendo a ojos cerrados , fuimos un grupo de 6 Personas más un bebé ! Todo fue seguro y realmente entretenido

Now you know:

Our goal is for you to visit Malaga in a fun, safe and emission-free way

Visit Malaga driving a 100% emission-free electric vehicle

With accredited guide to know the stories and curiosities of the city

In a comfortable way, at your own pace and with all road and health safety measures

What do you say: are you coming to see Malaga on Twizy?

We are a team committed to quality tourism and total guarantee.

Some questions you might have:

What do I need to drive a Twizy or Ami?

First of all, you must have a valid driver’s license type B (for cars). And the second thing is that you must be over 25 and have at least 2 years of license.

Do the vehicles have seat belts?

Yes, both in the front and back seats.

What capacity and dimensions do the Twizy and Citroën Ami have?

All our vehicles are two-seaters and their dimensions are as follows:

Image source:

Where will the guide be waiting for me with the vehicle?

You have two options.

If you are staying in the center of Malaga we can pick you up there as long as it is accessible by vehicle.

Otherwise, the meeting point will be the Hotel del Pintor (Calle Álamos, 27).

If you come by cruise, we will be waiting for you at the foot of the ship in the Port of Malaga.

In addition, when confirming the visit you will have the contact telephone number of the guide for greater ease.

I don’t like driving or I don’t have a license, can I participate in the tour?

Of course! You can always come with a companion who takes the place of the driver or, if you prefer, we’ll take you. In any case, the price of the tour does not vary.

I am traveling with small children and would like to book the tour, is this possible?

Yes, you can come on tour with your little ones as long as they are over 2 years old. In addition, for safety and depending on the case, we include in your reservation the seats you need for free.

We only need you to inform us of the age of the children when making your reservation.

Remember that the price of the tour for children is the same as for adults.

How is the deposit managed?

Before starting the tour we will sign the necessary documents for you to drive the vehicle with all the safety guarantees (contract with the conditions of service, insurance, etc.).

In addition, we will request a deposit of €300 that you can pay in cash or card. Don’t worry, no charge will be made.

Once the vehicle is returned in perfect condition, we will deliver the amount of the deposit by the same means in which you paid it.

If the weather is bad, is the visit cancelled?

No way! In our fleet we have vehicles with windows to protect you from the rain so that you can continue enjoying the experience in total comfort.

Do you have vehicles for people with reduced mobility?

We are currently working hard to have vehicles adapted for driving in our fleet.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the experience as a co-pilot.

Can I take my pet with me on the electric vehicle tour?

The Twizy’s are not set up to transport pets safely, so we do not allow them on tours.

My plans have changed, what do I do?

If your plans change and you need to modify or cancel the tour, contact us as soon as possible by phone or via WhatsApp at +34 625 130 696

to offer you the best alternative.

All clear? Well, it's time to book.