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We show you the city with a
Tourism 3.0

And also, in an eco-friendly vehicle

Hello, we are Gema and Alejandro!

Those in charge of guiding you to explore Malaga in a different, fun and sustainable way.

In our effort to offer you the best leisure, culture and gastronomy options in Malaga, our team has created an app that guides you autonomously around the city, we call it tourism 3.0. But don’t worry, during our tour, you will always be accompanied by our local guides.

Discover the city with this tour with Malaga 3.0 and the Electric Cat Tour team!

visita guiada en malaga electric car

App Tour Málaga offers you recommendations on Leisure, Culture and Gastronomy.

Because Malaga is a city that welcomes everyone with open arms.

A city that attracts thousands of travelers a year. Is it because of its good climate? Because of its rich heritage? It is a destination that has a lot to offer and with our Malaga Tour App you will discover it in the best way and on your own Smartphone.

You will find recommendations of places that the Malagueños themselves are passionate about, bars, restaurants, terraces, other activities and the charming corners of the city.

Don’t think twice, discover the city with this Tour in Malaga 3.0 and the Electric Car Tour team.

Because Malaga is a city to live it

And we have it very clear how you can enjoy it
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We take you to visit the unknown treasures of Malaga (yes, those that very few visitors know about)


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Visit with an official guide on an unhurried tour with all road safety measures.

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Aboard a Renault Twizy or Citroen AMI two-seater electric vehicle, comfortable and very easy to drive

Download it here and totally free:

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