Andalusia will return, Malaga will return.

Walking down the street I saw you...I saw you, I fell in love...with you.

Hello again, fellow traveler .
Today’s article is a nod to our old website, I wrote it during the confinement in the pandemic “Covid 19” and I did it with great affection to our city and the work we do for and for her, and that’s why I do not want you to miss this post.

I would also like to mention our dear local guide ( Mario, from Hola Lola ) and thank him for continuing to work with us every day to make our beautiful city known.

Don’t forget that always after the storm, the sun rises… “

vistas desde el mirador de gibralfaro

Today’s protagonist, our beautiful city,
. And I can not fail to emphasize as in the previous post, that it is a destination that has a lot to offer, not only for its climate, its beaches, its cultural and leisure offerings; is that Malaga has a special charm that you breathe in its atmosphere when you walk through its streets.

As a good lover of motoring and driving, in my early days I loved to get in my car and go for a ride and escape in my favorite places of reference arriving at the beaches of Huelin y Sacaba BeachSitting on the hood of the car while watching the calm sea was the best way to clear my mind and plan for the future.
Driving through the curves of the narrow road of the
Montes de Málaga Natural Park
until you reach the Venta del Mirador and observe the incredible views of the coast, admiring to the west the mouth of the Guadalhorce River or to the east with the
Peñon del Cuervo
. Those days are left behind and forgotten by everyday life, studies, work and the endless responsibilities that come when you cross the line of twenty-something…

After a few years with a wonderful family and the professional ambitions of an entrepreneur, a TWIZY crosses our lives, and I find again the charm of my city.

I will never forget that first night when Gema and I said to take a ride with our little Twizy ( the “Uno” as we call it ). We proposed to do the route planned for future Tours, and so we did. We start with the
Paseo del Parque
with its numerous exotic flora that makes it one of the most important public parks in the country. Europe, Hotel Málaga Palacio, Málaga Cathedral called “La Manquita” one of our jewels, Museum of Malaga, City Hall… and then with splendid views of
“La Coracha
The Alcazaba
is when the emotions begin to surface. We continue the tour towards
Pier One
turning by
The Fountain of the Three Graces
a tribute to fertility, once we enter through the
Paseo de la Farola
with the Cube of colors ( Pompidou Museum ) the views of the sea and the marina begin.

In the background:
La Farola
(“chubby and stubby”) attracts attention with its guiding light, and once we pass to its right we start our first stop at the Mirador del Muelle Uno. We named the site as the “Skyline of Malaga”, a dazzling view of the city from which we can admire all the splendor of Malaga, and it is here at that moment when we realized how fortunate we Malagueños are to live in this city.

tour por malaga parejas

After a few minutes, we set off again in our small electric car with which we were delighted by the sensations that awoke us in that June sunset. Continuing our walk along the Pablo Ruiz Picasso promenade, we saw the beach bars almost full of people and that special smell made us think that it was the ideal time to open our mouths with some “Espetitos de Sardinas”.

The next stop was at a bar in Barrio del Palo . “Pescaito frito”, a “tomatito picao”, and a couple of beers “0,0” was the best option of the night.

Once back on that wonderful evening, passing by
Los Baños del Carmen
back along Paseo Marítimo, is the moment when the beauties shudder at the sight of the Malaga Coast on that summer night. The lights,
La Farola
calling with its light, the smell of the sea, and that ride in the
Renault Twizy
with the breeze of the night, was the finishing touch to remember that moment when Malaga returned to our lives.
Because… #willbebackMalaga

#will returnAndalusia
as it did that night for us.

Driving on the streets

I saw you
That one day I fell in love
of you…

Thanks to Natalia Guidoni of Asociación Cuevas de Andalucía, for the initiative #volveráAndalucia,

because Andalusia deserves all this and more?

Andalucíalab, for the work and attention they dedicate to us; to their team of mentors, great as people and professionals; and especially to Vivianne Quill for her effort and continuous work with us.

their team of mentors, great as people and professionals; and especially to Vivianne Quill for her effort and continuous work with us.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart…
Alejandro Acosta.
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