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Lhe Electric Car Tour family travels in an electric car.

viajando en coche eléctrico

In today’s article, we will tell you how is the experience of traveling by electric car. The Electric Car Tour family also travels in an electric car during their vacations because, although many people do not believe it, the electric car is the best way to travel in the world:

Traveling by electric car is possible, and it is not an odyssey.

On this occasion and taking advantage of a few days of low influx of travelers in the city, we took a few days off to enjoy with the family, and the site chosen is “La manga del mar menor” in Murcia .

Traveling by electric car has several important advantages and considerations:

Electric cars emit fewer greenhouse gases and local pollutants compared to internal combustion vehicles, contributing to the reduction of air pollution and climate change.

Smooth and quiet driving experience, they are known for their instant response and quiet ride. There is no vibration and engine noise, which can provide a more pleasant driving experience.

Although electricity is usually cheaper than gasoline or diesel, which can result in long-term savings, on long trips such as the one we are about to make, it is one of the considerations to take into account because of the higher cost of the fast charging points we will use on the trip.

Even so, at the end of the trip we did the calculation and saved about 40€ compared to a diesel car.


We traveled by highway and a stretch of highway from Almeria to almost Cartagena.

As you can see on the map, the trip is about 400 km long and in order to charge our electric vehicle and have something to eat in the meantime, we chose to stop halfway in Almeria.

Although the range of electric cars has improved significantly in recent years, it can still be shorter compared to internal combustion vehicles. In addition, it is important to plan your routes considering the availability of charging stations.

It is important to ensure that there are sufficient charging points in the areas you plan to visit, and to have the tools available to reach these charging points. Today, there are countless mobile applications available where you can find the charging points and even plan your trip in the APP. ( electromaps, zunder, and iberdrola, endesa, repsol and BP’s own apps )


On this occasion, the vehicle in which we traveled is a Citroën EC4, with a homologated range of 360 km, but we must consider that when traveling on highways the range decreases. This is why we decided to stop halfway to load up and have something to eat with the little ones. A first stretch of 200 km and about 2 hours, and upon arrival with a battery at 30%. It took us just over an hour to eat and drink coffee while the children played on the playground. With the battery at 95% in that hour, we continued our trip to Cartagena. We travel at an average speed of about 100 km/hour, always without exceeding the speed limits in sections, and overtaking at 120 km/hour. The trip was neither slow nor fast, we traveled enjoying the road and our family vacation.

After another 220 km and another 2 hours of driving, we arrived at our destination, Camping Capfun in la manga del mar menor ( Murcia ), in total and counting the recharge stop – lunch, it took us 5 hours to get to our destination, the same time as it would have taken us with our previous Diesel car.

Fast loading of today in most electric cars it usually takes about 40min from 20% to 80%. as in the case of our Citroën EC4 (even less in other models) and if we need to rush the full charge, in 1 hour, which is what it takes to make a lunch, it is ready to continue traveling.

In short, traveling by electric car can be an excellent option for those who wish to contribute to environmental sustainability and enjoy a modern and efficient driving experience. However, it is important to plan your trips considering range, charging infrastructure and other aspects specific to electric cars. The calculation of CO2 avoided in the trip, according to the Iberdrola application is about 400 kg, and the savings in the cost of charges compared to Diesel is about 40 €.

If it is possible to travel by electric car, and it is not an odyssey as some say, it is simply a matter of thinking it through and consider life in a different way, because owning an electric car is a way of life that many of us choose nowadays in order to be able to to contribute a grain of sand in the conservation of our planet.

viajando en coche eléctrico

Author: Alejandro A.

Thanks to our friends of Citroën SAMA-GOAZ for their constant collaboration with us.

viajando en coche eléctrico
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