La noche en Blanco de Málaga 2023

Today we present one of the most popular events in the city of Malaga,

La noche en Blanco.

La Noche en Blanco de Málaga is a cultural and artistic event held annually in the city of Málaga. During this night, numerous cultural and artistic activities will take place in different parts of the city.

alcazaba de málaga en la noche en blanco 2023

La Noche en Blanco offers a wide variety of events, such as concerts, exhibitions, dance performances, theater, film screenings, artistic interventions and much more. Museums, art galleries and other cultural venues are also often open free of charge throughout the night.

It is a highly anticipated and popular event that attracts residents and visitors alike. La Noche en Blanco de Málaga aims to promote culture and art, as well as to encourage citizen participation in the cultural field.

This event coincides with the flowering of the jacaranda in Malaga, which usually occurs between the months of May and June, creating a beautiful contrast with the blue sky and beautifying the streets and parks of the city. The flower petals fall to the ground creating a purple carpet, which adds a special touch to the urban landscape on this special night in the city of Malaga.

Different activities are taking place tonight throughout the city, and what better way to get to know this event, than with a nice night tour like the one offered by Electric Car Tour. Here is their link to learn a little more about this special tour:

Tour Málaga Noche

street art noche en blanco
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